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At Comkotes Tuning Ltd. we believe in delivering excellence to the motor industry while standing out as one of the most highly-regarded suppliers and manufacturers in the industry.

 Experienced in designing several products to date with more to follow. Our aim is to create parts that are impeccably designed, aiming to plug the gap where other companies have failed to deliver - our goal is to provide consumers with exactly what they want.

 The difference is the ability to identify gaps in the market and from those skills, knowledge and professionalism then carry out research. This enables us to identify the level of demand and how we became an official supplier for over 50 motorsport brands with a global customer base thanks to you, the customer. All of Comkotes Tuning branded parts are manufactured in the UK whilst also designing and manufacturing the tooling, proving that we are an adaptable company able to bring consumers the well priced goods at a more affordable cost.

 One of our most recent engine projects required two years of commitment, going from an initial idea to a reality and now this has provided the market with a number of new parts. We are proud of the fact that many believed that this new race car development would not come to fruition and that we would not complete it but we did and this is a testament to who are as a business.

Our Design Process

 We take an innovative and forward-thinking approach to the way in which we create and design products. One aspect of our company that sets us apart is the way in which we look at problems that exist and aim to provide a solution that did not exist. Along with this, we also seek ways in which we can rectify poor products that have been made by other companies. These are products that were either badly designed or completely withdrawn from sale. We utilise our contacts in the industry and obtain the product before learning about it from top to bottom. This then provides us with the insight on how we need to design a brand new product. Often a new part is nothing more than a concept that we bring to life in production but other times it comes from market research as well as customer demand. Our ability to identify all angles, ensure that we can create products that resonate with our customers.

 A number of methods are used to design car parts. CAD is the main go to but understanding the market is important too. Proud being a British company too  rising up and through since 2015. Comkotes Tuning products are manufactured with the entire process of creating prototypes, designing, testing and the final prototype taking anything from six months to one year.



 Testing is an imperative part of the process and something that is not only valuable but believe is crucial to success. All Comkotes Tuning products are thoroughly tested by us, real car owners, mechanics & specialists on the roads. Sometimes in race conditions and on the dyno too, that all depends on the product to which resources and infrastructure suit. What’s more is working closely with a number of brands who are also experts in their field. They provide a wealth of product knowledge along with expert advice.


 Testing is underpinned by feedback and that is carried out using a number of channels and in particular, it is done electronically as many of clients are based overseas with only around 50% of them being English speakers. So, to understand their feedback and to prove that we take it seriously, we use translation services and photographs to gain a clear understanding of what our customers are saying to us.


 As far as testing on the dyno goes, Comkotes Tuning works with a number of mapping companies which includes AMD Tuning, SPT Tuning and RS Tuning based in the UK. Here our products are tested on the dyno, which in the case of AMD tuning (Essex) is also the place where many manufacturers go to test out their parts, proving that we also rely on the very best in the business.

 The success of all of products relies heavily on testing and it is this part of the process that enables brands to determine whether a product is ready for release or requires further amendments. Undertaking thorough testing in as many situations as possible which include road, race and dyno, all of which enable us to fine-tune products at the prototype phase before they become the final product on release.

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