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 Cars are confusing, they are an incredible way to show your individuality to the world yet in doing that is not always as straight forward. Problem solving, mechanical and sometimes electrical knowledge is going to help and that's where the fruit is. Personal skills and knowledge gained when fitting car modifications allows a person to be challenge themselves. No car or part fits quite in the same way as another, its the wealth of experience which over a lifetime can be a brilliant hobby. Shows and events are also good opportunities to connect with fellow car lovers, make friends, have fun, be yourself.


 Driving cars is also a very responsible thing to do, get it wrong and often that is going to bite. Experience is everything so if you are just starting out with your 1st modification or recently changed cars and thinking of having a go then this might help you. Yes its going to be hard sometimes, with tight spaces, bit of confusion, plenty of tools but then after fitting a few parts you become more adapt. Other people see your individuality expressed by your car as do you see theirs. Those individual expressions of life are everywhere in this world, its what makes this world so great as none of us are the same yet we strive to be a bit different.


So if you are thinking of whacking on a front splitter, rear diffuser, downpipe, intake or an exhaust then this is the shop only dreams are made of.


Have fun, enjoy cars, be responsible & stand tall.

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