MEGANE MK4 air intake, pipercross, itg air filter, forge motorsport


MEGANE MK4 boost, intercooler & bov, forge motsorsport & airtec

MEGANE MK4 SUSPENSION coilovers, h&r,eibach,kw lowering springs

MEGANE MK4 BRAKE pad & discs, ebc, brembo, pagid

MEGANE MK4 SERVICE PARTS, obd2 scan gauge, oil filler cap, filters

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P1.8L Tce280 RS & Tce300 RS Trophy

 The Megane RS has gone through a number of changes over the years from outright styling to complete changes of engine. Some of the most popular and treasured models from its past was the R26 but with the lack of aftermarket parts around the time and who long waiting lists were to replace parts of the more specialised suspension that car scene became a rather dedicated affair.


 The previous 2.0L RS MK3 came with the F4RT engine which has been replaced with the Tce280 and Tce300 for MK4 1.8L. Both versions of the latest Renault Megane RS use the same ball bearing turbo whilst the RS trophy version has a different ecu map. We would assume from those figures it is quite easy to stage 1 remap the Tce280 to 300hp and after a bit of research we found a stage 2 can produce around 320hp. This could entice Megane 225 owners looking to upgrade from the MK2 model to the MK4.

 Whilst the engines Renault use are not that common place other than in the odd Nissan it does seem as if owners have been happily upgrading their exhaust systems thanks to Milltek. They seem to be the one company who stepped up to the challenge of producing a number of resonated and non-resonated turbo back exhausts further expanding their range with a variety of muffler and tip styles. Cat less downpipes (decat) and sports cats are also available with whilst owners can choose to purchase a catback or a complete full system (known as a turbo back).

 Suspension wise this is another area Renault enthusiasts have been keen to upgrade; this could be due to the limited number of aftermarket products available.  Anyhow  a few choices of coilovers from KW including clubsport versions for the more track focussed drivers. Suspension replacement is quite common amongst owners as the installation is often between 2 and 4 hours. For lowering springs H&R appears to be a popular choice and if you really want something different you can look at our range of coilovers on our store from Vogtland.

 When choosing to upgrade your brake pad and discs the options can be a minefield. We are quite sure a lot Renault RS owners have been asking on social media which brake pad would suit them best. These can range from Brembo to Pagid and later we will be adding a range pads by EBC.

 Intercoolers by Forge Motorsport and Airtec seem okay although food for thought as we couldn’t help but notice some radiator upgrades are on the market due the car getting quite hot what with the location of the bolt on fmic.

 Whilst a complete tuning kit is often a dream for car owners of any make or model there’s plenty to choose from but we as owners should not forget it is often a mix and match affair. The one mystery as the time of writing this article is which spark plugs the Tce280 1.8L engine uses. If you have any questions about which air filter to use or any other of the products in our store please contact us.