The KO3 Standard OE Turbo on the Peugeot 208 GTi comprises of a 37.8mm compressor wheel whihc makes it roughly capable of 230-240hp however the ECU will trim that power level back to around 210-220hp simply because the cylinder and exhaust gas temperature is too hot due to amount of heat the stock turbo puts out. The stock map sensor is 1.5 bar max so the the 1.8bar map sensor available from our store would also need to be an upgrade you purchase.


 This JCW style Borgwarner turbo comes with a 41mm compressor wheel more capable of 250-270hp although at a push 280-290hp maybe possible. The EP6CD engines generally run out of fuel anywhere between 275-295hp so unless you are thinking of also using methanol and a larger turbo so to net 310-325hp then this hybrid turbo is probably as far as you need to go. Another point to make here would be your intercooler setup as the JCW style turbos are akin to the fmic layout of the rcz-r and 308 GTi II so you might want to purchase this intercooler.


 Upgrading the OE clutch would also be a sensible idea as they fail at 360nm. We would suggest fitting this paddle clutch although if your tuner has access to programming the BSI it is quite possible to stay under 400nm of torque and use a full face clutch. The last point would be traction is a huge issue for fwd cars so if you dont have one already then fitting a limited slip differential would be great, without it these cars tend to wheelspin from 0-90mph with this kind of power.


  • 41.0mm Inducer
  • 54.0mm Exducer


*Photo for illustration only