Peugeot 208 GTi Rear Diffuser with TUV

Comes complete with 4 fitting screws. To fit the rear diffusor it is best remove your orignal rear bumper so to remove the OE diffusor from the lower bumper section using the push fit sliders and 4 scews. You can then check hole alignment on the OE bumper section and mark mark them before drilling 4 pilot holes for the fixing screws. You then simply screw your new rear diffuser to the bumper or you could purchase 4x coach nuts & bolts with a few washers so to bolt rather than screw.


  • Material GRP (Fibreglass)
  • Finish  Standard (Colour Black)
  • Paintable Yes  
  • Weighs < 1kg
  • Contents 1 x rear diffuser 4x screws

Peugeot 208 GTi ONLY (All models)

Please note this item cannot be shipped to Islands due to its length

208 GTi Rear Diffuser with TUV