Designed to work with either a standard or modified example, our carefully developed induction kit offers an enhanced soundtrack through a loud recirculation dump valve noise, improved airflow for increased performance and great looks under the bonnet.


The kit comes complete with fixtures and fittings and is a direct replacement for the original.




    Removes original plastic, restrictive airbox

    Adds power and increases torque

    Offers improved response

    Enhances induction sound and turbo recirculation noise

    Free flowing air filter

    MAF sensor pipe

    Powder coated alloy heatshield

    Adds style to your engine bay

    Easy fitting, takes less than 20 minutes to install


A simple modification that transforms the look of your engine bay. It’s easy to fit, looks great, sounds even better, doesn’t cost the earth and can be put back to standard within 10 minutes for Renault warranty purposes.



Renault Megane RS 2.0L MK3 250

Renault Megane RS 2.0L MK3 260

Renault Megane RS 2.0L MK3 275


AIRTEC Motorsport Induction Kit for Renault Megane MK3 RS250 265 275 Trophy