Manufactured from Lloyds approved Grp materials to a very high standard.

This product comes in Gloss black exactly as pictured with all fixings required.

 It was Colin Chapman who first used ground effect in Formula 1 back in the early 70's. The latest Cosworth engines were a bit down on power compared to other competitors and this is often the time engineers are very ingenious with their designs. The low pressure air under a car so to suck it to the ground has to be maintained. To do this a side skirts are placed down the edge, this helps in in a number of ways preventing the low pressure air becoming high and turbulent. Whilst on a street car it’s not practical to run the ride height as low as 20mm from the ground, body kit styling parts like these side skirts still look ace.

Kit contains




Colour is black.



Audi S3 8V (PFL) Hatchback

Audi S3 8V (PFL) Hatchback Side Skirt Splitters by TRC