Milltek range of Cast Downpipes offer further enhancements to gas-flow and heat management, being designed to increase efficiency and performance gains. The HJS High-Flow Sports Catalyst is the highest quality and best performing aftermarket catalyst. The quality of the product is made to reduce the density of OEM catalysts and be able to maintain emission regulations with daily usage. Standard OEM catalysts are usually 500-600 cells, our high flow catalyst reduces this to 200 cells. This makes the catalyst freer-flowing, improving gas-flow and performance.

All Milltek performance exhaust systems are designed with you in mind, and we cater to an ever-expanding range of vehicles. We believe in continuous evolution, and our research & development team work throughout the year to deliver the most in demand solutions to all your performance exhaust requirements. All of our products are made in the UK and distributed to more than 90 countries worldwide, making Milltek Sport one of the most accessible performance aftermarket brands on the market.


Pipe Diameter -  76mm (3")

EC Approved - No

Off Road Use Only  - YES


- For Fitment to Milltek Sport 2.75" Cat-Back systems only

- Requires a Stage 2 ECU remap



Audi A3 8P (2003 - 2012) 2.0TFSI Quattro 5 Door SportBack

Audi A3 8P (2003 - 2012) 2.0TFSI 2WD 5 Door SportBack

Audi S3 8P (2006 - 2012) 2.0T Quattro 3-Door

Audi S3 8P (2006 - 2012) 2.0T Quattro Sportback

Audi A3 8P (2003 - 2012) 2.0TFSI 2WD 3 Door

Audi A3 8P (2003 - 2012) 1.8 TSI 2WD 3 Door

Audi S3 8P (2006 - 2012) 2.0T Quattro 3-Door

Volkswagen Golf Mk5 (2003 - 2009) Mk5 GTi Edition 30 2.0T FSi 230PS

Volkswagen Golf  Mk5 (2003 - 2009) Mk5 GTi 2.0T FSI

Volkswagen Golf  Mk6 (2009 - 2014) Mk6 GTi 2.0 TSI 210PS

Volkswagen Golf Mk6 (2009 - 2014) Mk6 R 2.0 TFSI 270PS

Volkswagen Jetta Mk5 (2006 - 2011) Mk5 GLI 2.0T FSI

Skoda Octavia 1Z (2004 - 2013) VRS 2.0T FSi

Skoda Octavia 1Z (2004 - 2013) VRS 2.0 TSI

SEAT Leon 1P(2005 - 2012) Cupra 2.0T FSI 240PS

SEAT Leon  1P (2005 - 2012) Cupra K1

SEAT Leon  1P (2005 - 2012) FR 2.0 T FSI 200-211PS

Audi S3 Large Bore Downpipe Decat (For Milltek Cat-Back)