4 high quality black alloy wheel spacers and bolts kit. Spacers are precision fit and ensure a perfect fitment with both your alloy wheel and vehicle hub. Perfect for improving the look of your vehicle and adjusting wheel offset.


Radius Wheel Bolts are for OE Wheels


    PCD Fitment - 5x100/112

    Bore - 57.1mm

    Material - Aluminium

    Black Wheel Bolts - 14x1.5mm Radius


Choose width from 20mm,15mm, Stagger 5mm FR 15mm RR



Volkswagen Golf Mk7/7.5 (5G) ‘R’ 2012-present

Volkswagen Golf Mk7/7.5 (5G) GTI 2012-present

Audi S3 (8V) 2012-present (300/310ps) 2012-present

Audi TTS (8S) 2014-present (310ps) 2012-present

Seat León Mk3 Cupra 280 2013-2018

Seat León Mk3 Cupra 290 2015-present

Seat León Mk3 Cupra 300 2017-2019

Skoda Octavia Mk3 VRS 2013-present

Audi Seat VW Wheel Spacers 5x112 57.1mm Hub with Radius Bolts (Black)