Reduce your stock shift throws with two different positions, ranging from 15% (Lower hole) or 25% (Top hole). Offering 2-positions truly allows the user more options to fine tune their shift throws!


How to install short shifter

  1. Disconnect the MAF sensor
  2. Undo the induction hose to airbox jubilee clip and separate
  3. Undo the airbox locating screw at the front right of the airbox
  4. Separate the upper air feed by pulling the two pieces apart, then withdraw  the airbox by pulling upwards - giving access to the shifter arm
  5. Use a levering device to prise the shifter cable end off the standard pin
  6. Lubricate the pin. Using the supplied puller tool, hook the end over the pin and wind the nut until it locks against the sleeve then continue to tighten until the pin is pulled from the standard arm. (Turn the lower nut not the bolt as it will break)
  7. Slide the new billet shifter unit over the shifter arm. It can only fit one way and is an interference fit
  8. head bolt to pass through the original pin hole and tighten into the new billet body from beneath using an allen key. Tighten both pinch bolts on either side with an allen key
  9. Push shifter cable end onto the new pin and check shifter engagement from the cabin. Re-fit airbox in reverse procedure to removal


Fits Fiesta ST 180

Fiesta ST180 Short Billet Quick Shifter Kit