Seat Leon Cupra 290 Performance pack front brake pads. The EBC Bluestuff front brake pads fit Cupra models with Brembo calipers which use 370mm diameter discs.


Bluestuff NDX is an intermediate grade trackday and race pad making it the material of choice for many club level racers and serious trackday enthusiasts. However, due to Bluestuff having excellent cold friction and being very controllable, this compound has quickly become the brake pad of choice for performance road car drivers in USA and Asia markets where R90 homologation does not apply.


More recently, EBC are pleased to announce that Bluestuff has passed extensive road focused testing and gained R90 approval on some E.U. fitments, making it unique in being the first truly track focused pad which is also perfectly legal for use on the public roads across Europe. There is no requirement for E.U. customers to inform their insurance company following fitment of R90 approved pads.


For customers with experience of EBC’s widely acclaimed Yellowstuff material, Bluestuff boasts a similar friction profile but with a usefully higher friction coefficient across the now larger working range, feeling much like you’d imagine Yellowstuff to feel after a double hit of espresso. Bluestuff has a high friction coefficient without feeling grabby, taking things up a notch from EBC’s Yellowstuff material by bringing superb pedal modulation to a track pad with even greater fade resistance.


However, being a track focused material, customers may experience a noticeable increase in both brake dust and brake noise. As is often the case with friction materials, an increase in ultimate performance is often met by an increase in noise and dust.


Part Number DP52070NDX


*The item you receive may differ from photo


Fits Front

AUDI RS3 (8P) 2.5 Turbo 335bhp 2011-2013
AUDI TT RS quattro (8J) 2.5 Turbo 340bhp 2009-2014
AUDI TT RS+ quattro (8J) 2.5 Turbo 360bhp 2012-2014
SEAT Leon (5F) 2.0 Turbo Cupra 280bhp 2014-2016
SEAT Leon (5F) 2.0 Turbo Cupra 290bhp 2015-2017
SEAT Leon (5F) 2.0 Turbo Cupra 300bhp 2017
SEAT Leon (5F) 2.0 Turbo Cupra 290bhp 2017-2018

Seat Leon Cupra 290 Brake Pads BlueStuff Fits Front for Brembo 370mm