Brembo is a world leader in the design, development and production of braking systems and components for cars, motorbikes, industrial vehicles and machinery, for the OE market, after-market and racing. The Group has recently branched out into the design and production of safety systems. Brembo guarantees the utmost safety and comfort and improved product performance thanks to process integration and optimisation of the entire production cycle, from the initial design and cast-iron or aluminium casting to assembly, testing and simulations on the bench, track and road.


Brembo's constant quest for innovation calls for new technologies, new materials, new shapes and new markets; product performance is accompanied by the search for a unique style in line with the design of the equipped vehicles.


Part Number P 85 041X

R90 Approved - Yes


Fits (see info section for full model list)


VW Polo Gti Brake Pads Fits Front 1.8 L (6C) Brembo Xtra

  • AUDI 1J0615115

    AUDI 1J0698151

    AUDI 1J0698151A

    AUDI 1J0698151B

    AUDI 1J0698151C

    AUDI 1J0698151H

    AUDI 1J0698151J

    AUDI 1JE698151B

    AUDI 1S0698151

    AUDI 1S0698151A

    AUDI 1S0698151B

    AUDI 1S0698151C

    AUDI 5C0698151

    AUDI 5Z0698151A

    AUDI 5Z0698151B

    AUDI 6C0698151

    AUDI 6C0698151A

    AUDI 6C0698151B

    AUDI 6C0698151C

    AUDI 6Q0698151

    AUDI 6R0698151A

    AUDI 6R0698151B

    AUDI 6RD698151A

    AUDI JZW698151A

    AUDI JZW698151AF


    SEAT 1J0698151

    SEAT 1J0698151A

    SEAT 1J0698151B

    SEAT 1J0698151C

    SEAT 1J0698151H

    SEAT 1J0698151J

    SEAT 1JE698151B

    SEAT 1S0698151

    SEAT 1S0698151A

    SEAT 1S0698151B

    SEAT 1S0698151C

    SEAT 2Q0698151

    SEAT 5C0698151

    SEAT 5C0698151A

    SEAT 5Z0698151A

    SEAT 5Z0698151B

    SEAT 6C0698151

    SEAT 6C0698151A

    SEAT 6C0698151B

    SEAT 6C0698151C

    SEAT 6Q0698151

    SEAT 6R0698151A

    SEAT 6R0698151B

    SEAT 6RD698151A

    SEAT JZW698151A

    SEAT JZW698151AF

    SKODA 1J0698151

    SKODA 1J0698151A

    SKODA 1J0698151B

    SKODA 1J0698151C

    SKODA 1J0698151H

    SKODA 1J0698151J

    SKODA 1JE698151B

    SKODA 1S0698151

    SKODA 1S0698151A

    SKODA 1S0698151B

    SKODA 1S0698151C

    SKODA 5C0698151

    SKODA 5C0698151A

    SKODA 5Z0698151A

    SKODA 5Z0698151B

    SKODA 6C0698151

    SKODA 6C0698151A

    SKODA 6C0698151B

    SKODA 6C0698151C

    SKODA 6Q0698151

    SKODA 6R0698151A

    SKODA 6R0698151B

    SKODA 6RD698151

    SKODA 6RD698151A

    SKODA JZW698151A

    SKODA JZW698151AF

    SKODA (SVW) 18D698151

    SKODA (SVW) 6RD698151

    SKODA (SVW) 6RD698151B

    VW 180698151A

    VW 180698151B

    VW 1J0698151

    VW 1J0698151A

    VW 1J0698151B

    VW 1J0698151C

    VW 1J0698151H

    VW 1J0698151J

    VW 1JE698151B

    VW 1S0698151

    VW 1S0698151A

    VW 1S0698151B

    VW 1S0698151C

    VW 2Q0698151A

    VW 5C0698151

    VW 5C0698151A

    VW 5Z0698151A

    VW 5Z0698151B

    VW 6C0698151

    VW 6C0698151A

    VW 6C0698151B

    VW 6C0698151C

    VW 6Q0698151

    VW 6R0698151A

    VW 6R0698151B

    VW 6RD698151A

    VW JZW698151A

    VW JZW698151AF

    VW (FAW) 180698151

    VW (FAW) 180698151B

    VW (FAW) 5C0698151

    VW (FAW) 6QD698151

    VW (FAW) 6RD698151B

    VW (FAW) JZW698151AF

    VW (FAW) L180698151

    VW (FAW) L180698151B

    VW (FAW) L1J0698151C

    VW (FAW) L5C0698151A

    VW (FAW) L6RD698151

    VW (FAW) L6RD698151A

    VW (FAW) L6RD698151B

    VW (SVW) 18D698151

    VW (SVW) 1KD698151

    VW (SVW) 6RD698151B

    VW (SVW) L180698151