Our carbon fibre intake scoop improves air flow to the air box by creating less drag. This is achieved due to the rougher surface inside scoop. When air at high speed flows along smooth tubes and hoses it reduces the cross sectional area simply because the air flow is slower on the smooth walls compared to the centre section which effectively creates turbulence (drag). 


 By ensuring the carbon fibre weave is rough on the inner surfaces this allows for a thinner boundary layer of turbulent air at high speed which prevents the cross sectional area from inhibiting flow.  


Each intake scoop is manufactured with 100% pre peg carbon fibre in the UK and is a single piece scoop for 2021 manufactured as one whole part and is approx 15% larger than our previous best seller.


Plug & Play.


2021 Scoop comes with

  • 1x Connecting hose
  • 1x Carbon fibre intake scoop


Add the optional hose kit which connects direct to the stock airbox and can also be used in conjuction with other aftermarket intake kits or add the optional intake kit for a full cone filter induction kit.


Optional Hose Kit

  • 1xBlack Silicone hose
  • 1xAlloy Joiner
  • 2xClamps


This intake scoop can be combined with our carbon fibre intake kit.

Carbon Fibre Intake Scoop 2021 Version for Peugeot 208 GTi & Citroen DS3