A clutch concentric slave cylinder operates immediately in line with the clutch pressure plate and allows hydraulic pressure to be transmitted to the clutch through the clutch master cylinder and then the clutch concentric slave cylinder


 The CSC is a hydraulic cylinder with an integrated release bearing which eliminates the clutch lever and the conventional release bearing. It is connected to the master cylinder via the hose. The CSC is in direct contact with the clutch cover diaphragm, increasing the efficiency of the hydraulic system.


 Advantage of the CSC is to eliminate the fork and the release bearing. There are no more deformations of the fork under load and the release system efficiency is increased. Therefore the pedal load is reduced. The CSC is concentric to the gear box input shaft. This also reduces the number of components which facilitates the assembly on the vehicle. Until mid 1990s, the clutch hydraulic release system technology was similar to the brake hydraulic technology and consisted of a master cylinder in aluminum and a cast iron release cylinder connected with a pipe made of steel and rubber.

Concentric Slave Cylinder for Peugeot/Citroen Clutch 6 Speed Gearbox