Our latest carbon fibre cone filter intake kit for Citroen and Peugeot turbo engines is a complete induction kit solution for 4 cylinder petrol and diesel cars.


 Each kit comes with model specific fitting instructions so you can install smoothly as intakes are quite critical for engines when it comes to where they are located & for which model. Since engines can have a variety of manifold air pressure sensors(MAP) or a combination of mass air flow(MAF) and manifold air pressure sensors which work in combination with the ecu's mathmatical formulas in which case some are defined and not variable at all unless the car is mapped to take advantage such as those with only manifold air pressure sensors whihc is why some can be disspointed putting a huge intake on their car did not change its power output.


 One of the most important things when trying to increase the power of any turbo charged vehicle is the cars ability to breath via its intake and exhaust. Owners are seeking low pressure unworked air to enter from the front of the vehicle direct to the airbox. The OE air box doesn’t appear to be the best design since there is small port entrance which almost definitely increases the turbulent air inside it.

 At comkotes tuning we have two designs of air intake which helps to reduce turbulence and pressure which encourages greater oxygen levels. They can be paired up with our works ecope air induction intake scoops to maximise efficiency. Whilst it is well known modern cars have excellent soundproofing and strong firewalls the sound from inside the cabin area from a drivers point of view is hard to increase by changing its intake as those soundwaves are being disrupted, it is those on the outside of the car who could hear your increased intake and exhaust sounds when you have fitted our induction kit so fear not. If you are looking for the best aftermarket air intake system to maximize the potential of your car then we have the solution.  This particular kit comprises of a massive 5” carbon fibre intake airbox which replaces all the majority of the OE air induction parts and saves some weight in the process. The kit has a washable cotton gauze cone filter inside quite capable of over 300hp. If you wanted something even more powerful then we suggest having a look at our RCTS intake kits which have cone filters for high power big turbo setups or panel filter option for those closer to stock turbo. RCTS bolts on to the existing air box base for a more standard look and have the ability to feed even a V8 car due to its 80mm intake compared to the 70mm on these ones. Peugeot traditionally use a 65-70mm intake so either of these comkotes tuning intakes has simlar qualities.


 Each of these kits is model specific for Petrol and Diesel turbo engines with or without mass airflow sensor. It is important to follow our installation guides and videos since a cars intake is a delicate matter for the ECU and shortcuts in the quest for improving sound will almost definitely mess with your throttle response, ecu map & fuel trims which can cause permanent out of spec errors on your ECU. This is something not always understood by the public as the volume of air in which the car meters its airflow is a critical factor for not running lean or rich since its lookup table is scaled to that. This is critical as the volume of air using MAF sensors even being 1mm different to what it is scaled for does indeed make an ecu throw all of it toys out as an ecu can only trim or add fuel by a certain amount using its short & long term fuel trims. This is why we are often quoted as saying intake systems are matched to an engines stroke and exhaust length. Car airboxes & aftermarket intake systems in general get a bad rap as owners expect huge increases in power and sound which might be because a misunderstanding as its not simply a case of modify, design or do anything like with them as that often ends in disaster creating misery for the owner and one which the ecu has learnt becoming a permanent issue in its lookup tables such as fuel trims despite the intake being later removed. It is important here to note the volume of air that is metered is directly related to the maf housing size and to what the ecu is scaled for. This is why you can completely change a cars characteristics or worse when fitting incorrect kits that are oblivious to this fact. All you can do much like an exhaust system or plenum is to reduce drag, encourage oxygen  basically increasing the oppurtunity for the gases to be less restricted so they can flow in or out faster. It is not at all unusual for owners to understand that larger bore exhausts, downpipes, valves, plenums, turbos and intercoolers help to reduce bottlenecks since you need to get the gases out or in fast so the next can amount can enter or exit.  However it is not common place for owners to know that the intake is also a restriction which can cause a bottle neck at the beginning of the combustion process whilst the ecu's map if you have fitted a better intake will output its peak power just using less fuel (since you have more oxygen) rather than increase its peak power, this is where mapping comes in as you often need a mapper to take advantage of the additional parts you have fitted . If you do not have enough fuel or a badly designed intake a cars fuel trims can only readjust themselves by a certain amount which is there for an engines safety as it will melt itself when running lean and owners could already be outside this scope so the map on the ecu is unable to recover from poorly designed or fitted intakes. Since fuel is used to keep an engine cool it’s a major limiting factor when you tune them as once you lean out there is not enough fuel to keep combustion within a safe operating range. This is why at comkotes tuning we extensively test our intake kits which are designed and listed for model specific cars only using dyno, track and road so that they work correctly when installed as suggested on all maps including stock.


 We feel from testing panel filters in an airbox on the PSA 1.6L pretrol turbo engines tend to have the most amount of air drawn through it from a very small area right by the inlet, these areas have been known to collapse on big turbo setups so great is the demands from the turbo so a cone filter option where the air is drawn from the centre is structurally better as is filtration.


 This airbox completely replaces the OE airbox. They are quite quick and easy to install when the instructions are followed as they can only be installed using a particular method.


Airbox Only for Engines with Only MAP Sensor


    1x Airbox complete with cotton gauze cone filter

    1x Hose 

    3x Clamps

    1x Installation guide complete with photos



Airbox Only for Engines with MAF & MAP Sensors


    1x Airbox complete with cotton gauze cone filter

    2x Hoses

    1x Silicone Hose (Black)

    3x Clamps

    1xInstallation guide complete with photos


List of MAP only engines





PEUGEOT 208 1.4 HDi






List of MAP & MAF engines








Cone Filter Intake Kit for Citroen and Peugeot Engines