Decat Downpipe for Fiat Abarth 595/695 (Garrett Turbo Only)


De-cat downpipe

Removes OE catalyst

Fits Garret Turbo Only

Pipe Diameter: 76mm/3"


Engine management light may be activated, Stage 2 ECU remap recommended


Decat exhausts are for off road/ race use only. They will not pass a UK MOT emissions test. A downpipe such as this removes some of the restriction a turbo has since they require to get the hot exhaust gas out and down the system before they are able to compress the next amount. This is because they work on pressure and when you reach equal pressure nothing else can happen. Dropping the pressure on the hot or the cold side of a turbo can help it to generate more boost, this is why years ago there were some famous manufacturers in rally sport who had adjustable turbo restrictors hidden out of view. The FIA had required manufacturers to use a restrictor of a certain size so to restrict the inlet port on the turbo, what some teams did is to modify the restrictor so it could pass inspection then be opened to a larger diameter during the race/rally event. These are more commonly known as cheat devices whilst engineers are often looking at what the rule book doesn’t say so that in itself must be legal when used to their teams advantage.


Part Number SFTC006

Abarth Decat Exhaust Fits 595/695 (Garrett Turbo)