The Eibach Pro Kit is considered to be one of the world's top performance suspension products, and is the first choice for enthusiasts when upgrading their vehicle's suspension.
The Eibach Pro Kit Sports Spring kit delivers aggressive good looks and improves overall handling without sacrificing comfort.

This sale is for a set of Eibach Pro Kit Lowering Springs to suit the following models:- BMW Z4 (E85) 2.2i, 2.5i, 2.5si, 3.0i, 3.0si
Years of manufacture: 02/03 >

Maximum Front Axle Load = 790kg
Maximum Rear Axle Load = 860kg
Lowers by 30mm on the Front, and by 30mm on the Rear
Not for models with levelling control
Not for 4WD Models
This kit comes with TUV Approval



BMW Z4 Roadster 2003/10-2005/10 E85 2.2i 2171 ccm, 125 KW, 170 PS

BMW Z4 Roadster 2005/09-2009/02 E85 2.5 Si 2497 ccm, 155 KW, 211 PS

BMW Z4 Roadster 2006/01-2008/08 E85 2.5 Si 2497 ccm, 160 KW, 218 PS

BMW Z4 Roadster 2005/09-2009/02 E85 2.5i 2497 ccm, 130 KW, 177 PS

BMW Z4 Roadster 2003/02-2005/12 E85 2.5i 2494 ccm, 141 KW, 192 PS

BMW Z4 Roadster 2005/03-2009/02 E85 2.0i 1995 ccm, 110 KW, 150 PS

BMW Z4 Roadster 2006/01-2008/08 E85 3.0 Si     2996 ccm, 195 KW, 265 PS

BMW Z4 Roadster 2002/09-2005/12 E85 3.0i 2979 ccm, 170 KW, 231 PS

Eibach Pro Lowering Spring Kit for BMW Z4 E85