Many other companies simply copied this design, but Forge still remain the clear market leader due the exhaustive core testing undertaken in the development stages, we were not content with any air core. The Forge Motorsport development team tested 4 different constructions of air core before choosing the final stuffed fin stepped design intercooler for the 2007 onwards models (R56/R57) BMW Mini Cooper S Turbo.


As a reduction in intake air temperature increases the density of the charge mixture within the combustion cylinder, any temperature reductions will equate to more power. This intercooler is constructed using a combined 80/40mm high thermal efficiency core, with a 250% larger surface area and a 125% thicker base core, to achieve the best possible results.

In fact, even in relatively low road speeds/air velocities, our intercooler was able to better the OEM unit by 9°C, with greater improvements being achievable during greater speeds during track testing. The replacement intercooler is supplied with all the mountings to allow ease of installation.


Suitable for all turbo charged generation 2 Cooper S and JCW/GP2 MINIs


**2010 model year vehicles due to a change in the crash bumper design on the 2010 model year vehicles this intercooler kit is not suitable and will not fit.



Mini R56 Cooper S [2007-]

Mini R57 Cooper S Gen 2

Mini Cooper S Roadster (2013)

Cooper SD

Cooper D

Cooper S JCW


FMIC Intercooler for BMW Mini Cooper S D SD GP2 JCW