Please check image for compatibility. Fits Ford Focus ST250 2.0L MK3 & (Later Focus RS models 2017-)


OEM Part Number: 1224049 / 1751001

OEM Part Number: 30680339

OEM Part Number: AV616P082AC


About Engine Mounts

As the driver presses the throttle the engines work rate increases, this accelerates the car forward via the driveshaft. The tyres are gripping the tarmac and this inertia makes the engine move backwards and forwards which can wear out the OE engine mount. As the performance of a car is increased so are the stresses and strains on parts which were designed with certain operating conditions in mind. Upgrading the engine mounts on modified is virtually essential so the drivers experience is still a good one. Fitting an engine mount can also help to reduce the stress on other parts since you can imagine the difference between it moving 10mm or 20mm backwards and forwards, the other parts are also having to travel that distance.


Yellow 70A Shore Hardness – Mainly used for engine mounts, diff mounts and subframe mounts or areas where the bush needs a lot of movement and absorption.


Part Number PFF19-1220

Focus ST Engine Mount Fits Lower MK3 Focus RS