Want a little more power from your car? A cat-back exhaust is the perfect compromise, leaving the factory catalysts (where fitted) in place and bolting directly to the OEM system. Scorpion's cat-back exhausts are designed for improved gasflow and sound, but leave the car fully road legal and MOT ready.


  • Pipe Diameter 80mm/3.15"
  • EC Approved No
  • Non Resonated (Louder)
  • Tail Pipe Style Daytona Ceramic


*Notes Valves require O.E motors


Part Number  SVWS054DC


  Car exhausts are an enthusiasts dream; a good exhaust note is something modern cars can be lacking what with all the modern green and fuel efficient cars of today which utilise GPF and catalytic convertors. The factory systems whilst doing a great job on reducing emission’s so that we can preserve this planet for future rock dwellers are often family friendly whereas asbo sounding exhausts are high demand & much sought after. Since its not great rocking through a neighbourhood at 1am popping and banging with your music blaring manufacturers came up with the variable valve solution. The valves are usually connected to the sport button on modern cars so you can pop and bang your lives away impressing your mates at the local meet.





VW GOLF R MK7.5 4 MOTION 2014 - 2018

Golf R Exhaust (MK7.5 facelift) Non GPF Non-res cat back with valves