Comkotes Tuning has put together this OMP tow strap kit for your Peugeot 208

Our tow strap kit screws into the towing eye hook position on the chassis which is behind the front bumper and can be installed in less than 1 minute using a socket whilst the bumper is still in place

To install
1. Pop off the plastic towing eye blanking piece from the front bumper giving you access to the deep recessed towing eye hook fixing point on the chassis
2. Using a socket to mate the OMP tow strap kit to the chassis
3. (Optional) remove plastic towing eye hook blanking piece by feeding the triangular stop piece through the bumper eye


  • Tow straps/eyes are now mandatory for racing
  • Supplied individually in bright red webbing

Peugeot 208 (all models)

Citroen DS3

Peugeot 208 OMP Tow Strap Kit Also Fits 207, 308 & Citroen DS3