Pagid's extensive research departments are continually working to expand the Pagid brake pad offerings across many more vehicles and to improve stopping ability. A €30 million development budget shows our commitment to creating high-quality braking friction.


Pagid start with the comprehensive evaluation of over 200 different raw materials, before deciding on our final formula. This is the secret to our strong braking ability. As a result, we are considering new materials and combinations on a daily basis to make sure we adapt to the braking challenges of the future, each mixture specific to each vehicle. In addition, 95% of all Pagid brake pads are free from copper, which reduces fine particle emissions, further endorsing our forward looking vision.


Fits Front

Renault Megane RS MK4 1.8L (All models)

Megane RS Brake Pads Fits Front 1.8L MK4 PAGID