The Prorace compound is a ceramic graphite material that has great initial bite, excellent control and feel with powerful stopping power 0.36 to 0.58mu this compound is used in many race series with great results including race wins and overall championships it is also the compound of choice for many track day users.


These pads are made by racing drivers for racing drivers, working at high temperature with excellent pedal feel , consistent braking with low dust and great rotor life. These are by the far the best bang for buck pads on the market giving great consistency, longevity and bite at both hot and cold temperatures. A very good brake compound when your are into circuit racing your Fiat Abarth.


Working temp 0-800c


 These brake pad are a racing compound and will work well once warmed up. Race pads tend to require bedding in and since they can have fickle working temperatures it is good practice to just test a brake a little when approaching the braking zone so that you are confident of its bite not forgetting all braking is reliant on the amount of grip you have from the tyres.

Abarth 595 Brake Pads Fits Front 180PS PBS Race (Brembo 305mm Discs & Caliper)