ABS Side Skirts for the all new Peugeot 208 MKII (2019 - )


  • 1 Left Side Skirt
  • 1 Right Side Skirt
  • Fitting Kit


Product is gloss black.


 ABS is plastic which can be hot vacuum formed over or injected into tooling, when the plastic cools its shape defined by the tooling is now its final form. In general plastics such as these are 3-5mm thick, car parts are often black as it is one the simplest colours to match from one batch to another. Products made of plastic have good resistance to impact and is why you see a lot of body kit styling parts manufactured using ABS.


 Side skirts are an aerodynamic addition to cars so to reduce the high pressures which travel down past the sides when travelling at speed. Whilst there is a low pressure area underneath the car known as ground force which can be maintained with low level side skirts. Typically its acknowledged when the gap between the side of a car and the ground is less than 20mm the low pressure air travelling underneath it can be maintained, as this gap increases so does the air pressure rise. On street cars it is not practical to run so low to the ground although they do add to an already great stylishly looking fast car.



Peugeot 208 MK II (2019 -)

Peugeot 208 MK II Access (2019 -)

Peugeot 208 MK II Active (2019 -)

Peugeot 208 MK II Allure (2019 -)

Peugeot 208 MK II GT Line (2019 -)

Peugeot 208 MK II e-208 (2019 - )

Peugeot 208 MKII Side Skirts ABS Fits Access Allure Active GT-Line E208