Constructed from high grade, expertly woven carbon fibre for extreme strength, not to mention lightweight. Carbon is also known for its impressive resistance to damage from extremes of temperature making it the ideal choice for an under-bonnet application of this nature, and also for being able to shrug off damage from dirt, salt, road grime and even oil some petro-chemicals.

 The carefully honed inner dimensions and perfected relationship between filter and airbox mean that intakes within the V1 range have been proven to offer significantly enhanced performance across the rev rang​​​​​​​e.

Ford Fiesta ST 180

1 x Air Mass Sensor Housing
1 x Pipercross Foam Air Filter
1 x Pipercross Carbon Air Filter Housing
1 x Pipercross Carbon Induction Pipe

Pipercross V1 Carbon fibre airbox- Fiesta ST180