This provides a fixed 4mm offset to provide +/- 0.5 caster offset for improved steering feel. Additional caster will also create additional negative camber on turn giving improved tyre contact with the road under heavy cornering. For a non-offset version of this bush please use PFF60-902.


Number of Bushes Supplied: 2

OEM Part Number: 545050794R, 545050399R, 8660005376, 545050399R, 8660005376, 545050794R



RENAULT CLIO IV (2012-) 1.6 RS Trophy Petrol 162KW

RENAULT CLIO IV (2012-) 1.6 RS Petrol 147 KW

Powerflex Black Front Arm Rear Bush Caster Offset Renault Clio RS MK4