A lower engine mount bush insert can be one of the most rewarding yet cheapest upgrades you can do to your car. These really help to reduce transmission slop (often felt when going on and off the throttle) by minimising lateral engine movement giving you a much more direct feeling!

Many exhaust manufacturers also advise these as a necessary upgrade when fitting a performance downpipe.


Please note these are an upgrade, some additional vibration may be felt.


POWERFLEX Road Series bushes improve your cars’ road holding and chassis performance by controlling the amount of unwanted flex in the suspension. This means the suspension is doing what it is supposed to. It means your tyres have greater contact with the road at all times, therefore, improving safety and performance. Correctly formulated polyurethane is as good if not better at noise, vibration and harshness suppression when compared to worn rubber. Our Road bushes offer Prolonged tyre life, Improved performance, Increase safety, Greater cost-effectiveness.




S3 (8V) 2012-present,

S3 (300 PS) 2012-2016

S3 (300 PS) 2018-present

S3 (310 PS) 2016-2018

TTS (8S) 2014-present

TTS (306 PS) 2019-present

TTS (310 PS) 2014-2018


Seat Leon Mk3 2013-2020

Leon Cupra 'R' (310 PS) 2017-2018

Leon Cupra 265 (265 PS) 2014-2016

Leon Cupra 280 (280 PS) 2014-2015

Leon Cupra 290 (290 PS) 2015-2016

Leon Cupra 290 (290 PS) 2018-2020

Leon Cupra 300 (300 PS) 2017-2018


Volkswagen Golf Mk7/Mk7.5 2012-present

Golf GTI (220 PS) 2013-2017

Golf GTI (230 PS) 2017-present

Golf GTI Clubsport (265 PS) 2016-2017

Golf GTI Performance (230 PS) 2013-2017

Golf GTI Performance (245 PS) 2017-present

Golf GTI TCR (290 PS) 2019-present

Golf R (300 PS) 2012-2017

Golf R (300 PS) 2019-present

Golf R (310 PS) 2017-2019, Skoda



Octavia Mk3 (5E) 2013-2020

Octavia vRS (220 PS) 2013-2017

Octavia vRS (230 PS) 2017-2020

Octavia vRS (230 PS) 2015-2016

Octavia vRS (245 PS) 2017-2020

Powerflex Fast Road Lower Dogbone Mount Insert Kit MQB Vehicles