Bespoke front mount intercooler designed by Pug1Off suitable for all models of the Peugeot 208 GTI (including the Peugeot Sport & 30th Editions). This intercooler kit will significantly reduce intake air temperatures, increasing the density of the charge and therefore boosting power and torque delivered to the road wheels.


The factory 208gti, like the 207gti before it, has a relatively small intercooler, totally inadequate for any tuning upgrades. Limited space behind the bumper meant designing an intercooler to makes the most of the airflow available, whilst retaining the stock appearance and use of the car's air conditioning system was a tricky job. We believe that this is the most effective intercooler on the market for the 208, featuring the largest and highest quality core, with only minor modification needed to the reverse of the bumper to fit. Being integral to the front bumper support also makes this kit incredibly easy to install once the bumper is removed. Discreet pipework and positioning allows the original flexible boost hoses to be used, to retain the standard look from the front and in the engine compartment alike.


Supplied with silicone / aluminium joining pipes and hose clips, no other parts required.



  • High quality Nissens core
  • Integrated bumper support bar
  • Fabricated in the UK
  • Pressure tested
  • 57mm inlet / outlet
  • Swaged pipe unions
  • Supplied with joining hose kit & clips
  • Suitable for motorsport - extra height airflow can be achieved by modifying the bumper if required


Core dimensions:

  • 50mm Thick
  • 220mm Height
  • 670mm Width



Peugeot 208 GTI (including the Peugeot Sport & 30th Editions)

Race Intercooler for Peugeot 208 GTi