Ramair Panel Air Filter


When it comes to tuning a car, one of the first things on the list is a performance air filter. It’s a relatively simple way to improve airflow, which can increase power and also produce a much improved induction sound. As one of the world’s leading filtration specialists, UK company RamAir offer a huge range – with everything from old-school carb kits, to panel filters and universal set-ups, through to full heat-shield induction kits. One of their largest ranges is for VW Group cars.

Run by a bunch of dedicated car enthusiasts, RamAir’s products have been extremely well received by the VW Group community. From stunning show-car engine bays, to hard-worked track weapons, you’ll find the RamAir brand everywhere.


Since 1981 RamAir has been heavily involved in motorsport, supplying filtration systems for a wide range of championships including Formula 1, Formula 3, DTM, WRC, Formula Ford, Le Mans Series, BTCC and WTCC. Testing in the heat of competition, means that RamAir gains valuable data and insights with their products tested at the very limits. And 2018 is the third year that RamAir will be proudly sponsoring the Time Attack Championship.


This exciting, against-the-clock competition attracts a diverse rage of cars and drivers, from novices in relatively stock cars, through the Pro Extreme class in heavily tuned aero-clad monsters. Around half the cars run RamAir filters, so it’s another great opportunity to test products in the heat of competition.


All RamAir filter elements are manufactured using Aeriform. Comprised of two different layers of foam, it’s specially designed to offer variable stage filtration to maintain a high airflow, but also keep potentially damaging particles out of your engine. They have been proven to work more effectively than paper filters, which may work fine to begin with, but over time can soon lose efficiency, especially if they become exposed to water or humidity. RamAir also offer a lifetime warranty for the original purchaser.


Part Number RPF-2050



Dacia Dokker 1.2 TCe 07/12 -

Dacia Dokker 1.5 Dci 75 07/12 -

Dacia Dokker 1.5 Dci 90 07/12 -

Dacia Duster II 1.2 TCe 11/13 -

Dacia Lodgy 1.2 TCe 06/12 -

Dacia Lodgy 1.5 Dci 110 03/12 -

Dacia Lodgy 1.5 Dci 90 03/12 -

Dacia Logan II 0.9 TCe 05/13 -

Dacia Logan II 1.5 Dci 75 05/13 -

Dacia Logan II 1.5 Dci 90 05/13 -

Dacia Sandero II 0.9 TCe 05/13 -

Dacia Sandero II 1.5 Dci 75 05/13 -

Dacia Sandero II 1.5 Dci 90 05/13 -

Renault Captur 0.9 TCe  05/13 -

Renault Captur 1.2 TCe 120 05/13 -

Renault Captur 1.5 dCi 90 05/13 -

Renault Clio Mk 4 0.9 TCe 11/12 -

Renault Clio Mk 4 1.2 TCe 120 11/12 -

Renault Clio Mk 4 1.5 dCi 75 11/12 -

Renault Clio Mk 4 1.5 dCi 90 11/12 -

Renault Clio Mk 4 1.6 RS 03/13 -

Renault Clio RS Air Filter 200 220 Trophy MK4 by Ramair