Ultra Racing Strut Bars are mounted on top of the suspension top mount and fit all vehicles without any modifications. Made from hollow steel the Ultra Racing Strut Bar are a one piece design which makes them more rigid than the bolted alternatives. This means that when cornering or under heavy braking the Ultra Racing Strut Bar keeps the front stable which improves handling. For maximum handling improvements fit the Ultra Racing Strut Bars with uprated suspension components including coilovers or lowering springs


 A strut bar also called a strut brace or strut tower brace is a connecting rod that laterally (from left to right) links your suspension strut towers. This reinforces your chassis by tying these two stress points together. The strut bars purpose is to make your car easier to handle when being driven hard.


 Strut bars do not necessarily increase your cornering speed or lap times. Instead, they’ll make your car more predictable when cornering at speed. This is the result of the strut brace redistributing excess pressure from one strut tower to the other. This significantly reduces chassis flex through tight corners and helps to keep your steering stable even at high speeds. Installing a front upper strut bar increases the overall rigidity of your car.



Ford Fiesta MK7 and 7.5 including ST, Ecoboost and Diesel models

Upper Strut bar for Fiesta ST MK VII