Hub centric wheel spacer kits are a great way to widen your stance. It can be hard to put a wheel spacer kit together by yourself since the wheel bolts need to be longer than the standard ones so to reach through your alloy, through the spacer and screw into your hubs. Hub centric spacers transfer the load (weight and force) to the hub just like your stock setup but unlike flat spacers that can put the strain on the wheel bolts. Whilst it is true hub centric spacers are better than flat spacers the load on the hub is still increased due to the wider track.


Most aftermarket alloys come with tapered wheel bolts but is not always the case whilst noting the stock 208 GTi & Citroen DS3 wheels have flat bolts so we list both options for you. This kit is for flat wheel bolts.


Kit contains

4 x Billet Aluminium Hub Centric Wheel Spacers

16 x Wheel Bolts (Flat Wheel Bolts)


Available in 15mm or 20mm & Stagger 15mmFR 20mmRR

Wheel Spacer Kits (Flat Wheel Bolts for OE Wheels) 208 DS3