Toyota Yaris GR Rear Brake Pads by EBC. BlueStuff brake pads are REG90 Compliant and classed as a trackday pad whihc requires bedding in before using them on a racetrack.


A Great all round sport and race pad, revised to a new improved formula in 2021.

Bluestuff ⁃ Another EBC 'Hybrid' material exhibits a 0.52μ stable friction once bedded stable up to a slightly higher 550℃/1000℃ than its sister compound yellow but with 30% longer life than yellow.

Blue has been a trackday favourite for years and has recently been modified to halve its bed in time on the track and is the spec pad for the BMW Cup series. New formula is copper free to confirm to upcoming environmental legislations


  • 0.52μ stable friction once bedded
  • Strong initial bite ,work from cold
  • Zero rotor damage
  • Copper free for ECO compliance


Part Number DP52431NDX


Bluestuff also has good bite from cold and is an Aramid fibre base offering reduced rotor wear and has been popular with Trackday drivers due to its longer wear life than Yellowstuff, it's stablemate.

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