Toyota Yaris GR Rear Brake Pads by EBC.


EBC Racing's RP‑1 compound is an ultra‑high performance track and race pad designed for high performance vehicles driven hard on track. RP‑1 has a very stable friction coefficient of 0.45μ up to and beyond 750℃, making it an excellent performer for even the most demanding vehicle applications.


Due to its relatively high friction coefficient, RP‑1 is not Reg 90 homologated for road use within Europe and is therefore illegal for use on the public road. Unlike some other race pads on the market, RP‑1 offers a usable cold friction of 0.35μ below 100℃ meaning it can be safely used as a road pad for non‑European markets where Reg 90 homologation is not mandatory. At 100℃ the friction gently climbs to 0.45μ and stays there up to and beyond the designed upper working temperature range of 750℃.


REG90 Compliant - NO


Part Number DP82431RP1


Yaris GR Rear Brake Pads RP1 Racing